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Our themes focus us on the ways we can achieve a better deal for future generations of New Zealanders. We don't want to get tied down in the politics, we want a fair economy, a protected environment and a vibrant society.

Guaranteeing a fair economy
UnitedFuture recognises the need for an economy that provides fairness and choice to all New Zealanders. That means we need policies that create a firm safety net for those most in need and that provide the greatest opportunities to succeed for all New Zealanders.
Future Proofing Our Environment
UnitedFuture sees the need to fight for the protection of our outstanding natural environment and the rights of current and future generations to enjoy and participate in them. That means we need to future proof our environment from exploitation.
Embracing Modern New Zealand
UnitedFuture celebrates the diversity of New Zealand. In a globalised world, we need to be accepting and proud of the diverse nation that we are. Understanding and welcoming unfamiliar faces, cultural practices, languages and values is essential to our future success as a trading nation and as a stable and vibrant society.

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Housing Policy Should Target Families, not just graduates Need  – Dunne

Policies that make it easier to secure home ownership need to cater for families looking to guarantee home security, UnitedFuture leader, Hon Peter Dunne says.  “Home ownership is a concern for many people as they struggle to save for a home deposit, but we need to be focusing on young families and giving them a […]

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Rational, Not Reactionary, Immigration Policies Needed – Dunne

 23 November 2016 Rational, Not Reactionary, Immigration Policies Needed – Dunne   The need for additional construction workers post-Kaikoura and yesterday’s release of the Treasury’s Long-Term Fiscal Update underscores the need for UnitedFuture’s rational approach to immigration policy. “UnitedFuture remains the only party in New Zealand that is not promoting major change to our immigration […]

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November Newsletter – Trump or Treat?

I’m scared. Fear was a major election strategy for the Donald Trump campaign, and it worked. However, unlike the fear of immigrants, terrorism, criminal Mexicans or Muslims, I’m fearful of the intolerance, blame and anger towards “others” that the US election stoked, and that certain political leaders here are also fostering. I’m fearful of the world my […]

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