Our Themes

Our themes focus us on the ways we can achieve a better deal for future generations of New Zealanders. We don't want to get tied down in the politics, we want a fair economy, a protected environment and a vibrant society.

Guaranteeing a fair economy
UnitedFuture recognises the need for an economy that provides fairness and choice to all New Zealanders. That means we need policies that create a firm safety net for those most in need and that provide the greatest opportunities to succeed for all New Zealanders.
Future Proofing Our Environment
UnitedFuture sees the need to fight for the protection of our outstanding natural environment and the rights of current and future generations to enjoy and participate in them. That means we need to future proof our environment from exploitation.
Embracing Modern New Zealand
UnitedFuture celebrates the diversity of New Zealand. In a globalised world, we need to be accepting and proud of the diverse nation that we are. Understanding and welcoming unfamiliar faces, cultural practices, languages and values is essential to our future success as a trading nation and as a stable and vibrant society.

Key Policies

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Dunne Speaks: The Dance of the Seven Veils is Over

The dance of the seven veils on United States Navy ship visits finally ended this week with the revelation that USS Samson, a guided missile destroyer, would represent the United States at the 75th anniversary celebrations of the Royal New Zealand Navy in November. But like the conclusion of most such dances, the final revelation […]

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October Newsletter – local elections + returning hope & trust to politics

Hope and trust. Two words not many New Zealanders would associate with politics today. More likely cynicism and apathy. This was nowhere more evident than in the record low voter turnout for the recent local elections (although UnitedFuture aligned candidates still polled around 25,000 votes). And there would perhaps be some even less flattering words associated with politicians themselves. […]

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Local elections raise profile for UnitedFuture

Local elections are over and for the first time we ran candidates under the UnitedFuture banner. On average our candidates gained 3% of the vote (in one case as high as 5%), which shows there is support for UnitedFuture and our candidates. A party vote at this level during the general election means three or […]

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Hon Peter Dunne

Hon Peter Dunne

Party Leader

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Judy Turner

Deputy Leader

    Damian Light

    Damian Light

    Party President

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