Rational, Not Reactionary, Immigration Policies Needed – Dunne

 23 November 2016

Rational, Not Reactionary, Immigration Policies Needed – Dunne


The need for additional construction workers post-Kaikoura and yesterday’s release of the Treasury’s Long-Term Fiscal Update underscores the need for UnitedFuture’s rational approach to immigration policy.

“UnitedFuture remains the only party in New Zealand that is not promoting major change to our immigration system due to a short-term increase in net-migration.

‘Rather, we want an immigration system that recognises the value of immigration, with a fast track approach for skilled migrants and genuine family reunification,” Mr Dunne said.

“We want businesses who need skilled employees but cannot find them locally to fill their skills gap more quickly and to be able to do so through immigration.

“Moreover, skilled migrants can have the peace of mind that if they come here our laws will provide pathways for them to re-unite with their families.

“The Kaikoura earthquake shows why we must have an immigration system that can be responsive to urgent skills gaps and bring the people we need over here both

Focusing on the long-term, yesterday’s Treasury report, named He Tirohanga Mokopuna, shows that New Zealand is projecting steep decreases in net-migration in upcoming years with net migration dropping to approximately 12,000-15,000 a year in the near future.

“UnitedFuture’s message on this is clear, we need soundly based policies rather than  policies that blame or restrict new migrants for all of the woes we can imagine.

“We need to embrace a modern New Zealand where a global population wants to engage with us.

“The report highlighted the opportunities immigration can bring us and noted that immigration is a long-term driver of diversity that adds more knowledge and skills to our community.

“Moreover, immigration has supported New Zealand’s economic and social prosperity, new migrants are instrumental in meeting the challenges of an ageing population, they tend to pay in tax than they cost in public services and they bring their own skills sets, innovative drives and desire to make opportunities to our country, thus strengthening our international bonds.

“That is why UnitedFuture stands out as the single party in the New Zealand Parliament promoting an immigration system that does not stigmatise those who come here as problems,” said Mr Dunne.

UnitedFuture’s policy package on immigration can be found at:  www.unitedfuture.org.nz/immigration