2035AD or decline of nation?

Here is my final speech for Election 2014. I truly believe we have missed an opportunity in this cycle of elections by the very fact that we may have been totally distracted from what is most important: recovering and slowly moving forward towards a future in 2035.

I have three questions that are related to a current theme I am doing this week.
1. How would you like New Zealand to evolve by, say, the year 2035? That’s 21 years from now.
2. What do you want done to get there?
3. How do you want that done?

Simple questions about a direction I think needs remembering this election because I firmly believe we cannot do otherwise. If the state of the current play in politics is anything to go by, then I don’t want a repeat of it next year thank you very much.

New Zealand was built on a socialist ideal – it built my country – and I’m proud of that history. But what we are seeing now is a new kind of New Zealand emerging, and I believe it’s directly related to the globalization of just about everything.

This emergence is scary for me because I don’t truly know what it will look like, but I know being this new kind of New Zealander means we have to evolve if we are to survive. There cannot be a going back to old ways.

It’s time to move on. We as a nation have grown up and must take responsibility for our plans and actions to ensure we all get to the year 2035 as a nation to be proud of.

The three questions I mentioned have to do with just three things to think about when choosing your vote:
for the
first question, How would you like New Zealand to evolve? means having a sense of vision,
for the
second question, What do you want done to get there? means positioning ourselves to take on implementing a future,
and for the
third question How do you want that done? means asking what priorities we must have to achieve our vision.
University Speech P2

So, having those questions at hand and remembering Election 2014 is a turning point that we must be aware of; we must now understand we can no longer go back to “business as usual”.

And, I do not want to see my country make bad decisions.

And, I do not want it on my conscience knowing my country made bad decisions when I am retired in 2035.

I say this because I am painfully aware of a single fact; we must see the redemption of responsibility in the foreground before anything else.

That’s why I joined UnitedFuture, it was because the party is aware of the facts around policy-making are not always clean cut, even desirous. Not always responsible.

UnitedFuture Party, I have seen since 2005, tries to seek greater flexibility in policy-making that ultimately reflects fairness and gives you greater choice.

UnitedFuture seeks policies that will pave the way for an evolution of a new kind of New Zealand – for all of us, where we will be able to look back in the year 2035 and say; “I am proud of our past.”

That is why I joined UnitedFuture – forward thinking, one step at a time, which matches my own motto “writing for change…one page at a time”

Thank You.


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