A better deal for future generations on housing

UnitedFuture has always focused on what is best for future generations. At a time of international uncertainty, as we have now, it would be very easy to pull back from that goal, and retreat to the “it’s all about me” selfishness we are seeing emerging in other countries. Unfortunately, that approach is a quick cause of social disruption, pitching generation against generation, and fueling discontent. It offers no way forward, which why it is now more important than ever that UnitedFuture’s message is heard. If we give in to the aggrieved and embittered voices now emerging, we will simply leave a legacy of nastiness and division for those that are to follow us. Hardly united, and certainly not a future to look forward to.

A practical example of this discord is the current housing debate. Yes, there is a problem, and it does require bold solutions. But what we have seen so far is a very piecemeal approach from the main parties, looking more and more like the tired old magician desperately trying to pull mangy rabbits out of a hat to keep the interest of a disgruntled audience. Yet, we can do so much better.

UnitedFuture has been proposing a Housing Summit involving central and local government, the building industry, the Reserve Bank and the trading banks, and social housing providers to focus on an overall strategy to address the housing issue, and to get all the key agencies’ support. For example, however laudable Labour’s aim to build 100,000 affordable homes might seem, it is utterly pointless while the Reserve Bank and the trading banks continue their finance restrictions, making it nigh impossible for young couples to finance themselves into a new first home.

Similarly, National’s plans to open up more areas for housing development falter when local authorities will not make the land available for subdivision. If they really cared about future generations, both the main parties would embrace the Housing Summit plan as a constructive way forward to developing the “comprehensive” housing policy both say they have. But instead, they are more interested in the tired old game of political points scoring.

UnitedFuture will continue to be the beacon of hope and focus for the future in these troubled times, and to promote practical and sensible policies that offer confidence and assurance about the way ahead for New Zealand.

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