What are our values?

UnitedFuture strongly believes that communities should be empowered and this extends to our cities. As New Zealand’s largest city, Auckland has a significant impact on the rest of the country.¬†Amalgamation is but one step towards an Auckland that runs better and can be seen as a powerhouse for the country rather than a problem that needs to be solved.

Auckland faces many challenges but in particular transport and housing.

What will we do?

People-centric transport:  

  • Make a rail link to the airport a transport priority, with 50% of funding from central government;
  • Support a fully connected cycle network with protected cycle lanes;
  • Extend rail passenger services to commuter towns and cities (like Pokeno and Hamilton);
  • Review Penlink business case justification to ensure balance between cost and benefits;
  • Support Skypath cycle and footpath across the Harbour Bridge to connect the North Shore to the rest of Auckland;
  • Endorse the Congestion Free Network proposed by Greater Auckland for a connected, multi-modal network (funded within existing AT budget);
  • Empower Auckland Council to source revenue from alternative sources (e.g. congestion charge, fuel tax) to invest in transport and infrastructure as part of broader rates reform.

Affordable housing, now;

  • Simplify the process of converting cross-leased sections to freehold title, by legislation if necessary, rather than focusing primarily on continuing to reduce the size of subdivided properties;
  • Provide pathway to home-ownership for 10,000 young families and first home buyers with government Rent-to-Buy;
  • Contribute to resolving the housing crisis through innovative schemes such as freeing up land blighted by electricity pylons by putting the cables underground.

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