United Future New Zealand

Our economy must allow every New Zealander, young or old, have the best opportunities to thrive


Housing Summit

We want to see our nation develop a country-wide strategy with all stakeholders to develop a housing plan.  This is what the National Government did in 2009 to develop their employment policy and it has worked.  bringing together all the stakeholders to develop a plan on all issues of housing: ownership, rentals, social housing is the only way to get a well thought out plan that delivers for our local communities and their specific circumstances.
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Income Sharing Tax Credits

We want to see families have the same opportunities as business does to be recognised for the important work they do.  For parents of children, we would change the tax system to ensure that those families received a tax-break proportional to their shared income in order to ensure the family is recognised for the work involved with raising a child.
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Working For Home Deposits

Working For Families is a scheme designed to help New Zealand cope with the costs of raising a child.  More and more so, however, housing is becoming a cost that families need support to secure.  We would allow families to choose to withdraw their entire annual entitlement to working for families in order to help secure a home deposit
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We stand for dignity and choice for our retired population in their time of need.  Our policy is to allow people to choose to take their retirement at a reduced rate of superannuation if they retire earlier due to need, or we will offer a greater rate if they opt for retirement later.
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