We want to make sure New Zealand has flexible and fit for purpose superannuation, so that it will continue to be available for future generations of retirees. That’s why we would introduce Flexi-super, an affordable superannuation scheme that each individual can tailor to suit their needs.

Take it early

You can take your superannuation at a reduced rate from age 60


This approach balances government spending and effective superannuation

Or defer it

You can defer it until age 70 and receive it at an increased rate

You choose

If you need to retire earlier or choose to retire later, you can

Split it

You can split your income equally between you and your partner

Increase net income

This puts more money in the pockets of families

Lower tax

You both get a reduced income tax


Recognising stay at home parents

This recognises the contribution of parents who spend all or part of their time at home with children

Income Sharing

We would introduce income sharing for couples with dependent children. Income sharing means that, for tax purposes, the income of both parents is combined. Income sharing also gives parents the option of working fewer or more flexible hours while still keeping more of their combined after-tax income.

transport costs.

Rent To Buy Housing

People without a foot already on the property ladder face ever increasing barriers to owning their own home, leaving future generations of New Zealanders without the security and wealth afforded by property ownership. UnitedFuture’s Rent-to-Own Housing Scheme will see houses that are already committed to being built by the Government offered as rental properties, where part of the rent goes towards saving for a deposit on the house.

New homes

Reallocate a portion of the Government’s house building programme to people who want, but can’t afford, to buy their own home

How it works

A portion of the rent will cover costs and deliver some income to the Government. A separate portion will be directed into a deposit savings account on behalf of the tenant

First home buyers

Focus this offer towards first home buyers and young families



Once a tenant has saved enough to count as a deposit they will be offered the property

The Summit

We want to have a summit with all stakeholders involved in housing

The result

A solution that will ensure all young people and families have the opportunity and means to own their own home

All the stakeholders

We will bring together communities, experts and all the stakeholders needed to develop a bipartisan, comprehensive and long term solution

Housing Summit

There needs to be a comprehensive, long term approach to the housing crisis, and sadly, we are not seeing that at present. That’s why UnitedFuture is calling for a National Housing Summit, bringing together central and local government, home construction companies, the banking sector and social agencies to develop a coordinated national housing policy. It will resolve issues such as land availability; tax incentives; ensuring we have the capacity to build the number of new houses required; making sure finance packages are available to assist families into new homes; and enabling social agencies to develop solutions for the homeless.

No Fees Tertiary Education

UnitedFuture proposes a bold new approach to education policy: zero-fees for tertiary education. This would mean all New Zealanders have access to free education, from the age of three through to university and beyond.

No fees

UnitedFuture would remove all fees for tertiary education

The result

Enabling more people to learn the skills they will need to participate in a rapidly evolving, globally connected economy

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