Mental Health

Mental health is one of New Zealand’s largest health and social issues, We will make sure that every New Zealander has access to high-quality care and preventative care for mental health issues so that they can fully engage in their communities and live happy and fulfilling lives. UnitedFuture will review our mental health strategy, here are our key priorities.


Increase the number of community health providers


Increase resources for our mental health professionals


Fund more research into mental health issues


Increase funding for youth-focused mental health services

Skilled labour

Prioritise the residency applications of those who have both the skills employers need and a job offer relevant to those skills

Community integration

Build strong and vibrant communities by encouraging new migrants to participate in local groups and activities


Ensure new migrants are sufficiently supported into training and employment opportunities


Ensure that advice and information on hiring new migrants is available to businesses in sectors with significant skill shortages


New Zealand is truly a nation of immigrants, from the Maori who made this country their home hundreds of years ago, to those who stepped off the plane only yesterday. Immigration is an important way to bring in the skills we need to grow and sustain our economy. It also enriches our communities and exposes us to the world’s diverse cultures, with which future generations of New Zealanders will travel and trade.

Civics Education

We want to make sure everyone in our country is able and willing to fully participate in our society and engage in educated, informed debate about the issues facing future generations. We will ensure that young New Zealanders understand their civic rights and responsibilities, including how our parliamentary democracy works and the origins of the Treaty of Waitangi.


Create a fund for schools with disadvantaged students to provide civics education

Civics curriculum

Introduce compulsory, comprehensive civics education for years 1-13

Path to citizenship

Require new migrants to take a civics course as part of becoming a New Zealand citizen


We would extend paid parental leave to 13 months

Family leave

An additional 38 weeks would be available for either parent to take

Shared leave allowance

Allow the current 14 weeks to be transferred to a partner

A full 13 months leave

A total of 56 weeks paid parental leave for families

Paid Parental Leave

The early months of a child’s life are incredibly important to their future wellbeing, and the role the child’s parents play during this period is crucial. We would extend paid parental leave to ensure every parent has the opportunity to spend as much time as possible with their children during this time, and we would make parental leave arrangements flexible enough to suit all circumstances.

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