Bale Nadakuitavuki is our candidate for Ohariu and forth on the party list.

Bale is a 26 year old Collections Associate and Social Media Ambassador for ANZ bank.

“I have been working for ANZ for over 7 years and have held different roles and varying levels of responsibility with both NZ, Australia and the social media team within ANZ.

I am a community volunteer, and an active volunteer in the volunteer Wellington group with various volunteering experience in Porirua, Newtown and Wellington central.

My approach when it comes to leadership is level headedness and balance. I have a warm personality that can bring people of all backgrounds and cultures together to see one vision. That vision is ‘United Future’ and what we as a party stand for. I believe a leader is someone that has the spirit of ‘firstness’ meaning they are the first to sacrifice, first to commit and first to put in the work.
This is what I bring to the table as a candidate.”