John Foster is a UnitedFuture board member, our candidate for Kaikoura and is eighth on the party list.

“Educated at Canterbury University I have had an adventurous career as mostly a field exploration geologist, but also of earthquake geo engineering analysis, hydro project and mine feasibility planning, a environmental analyst and for 2 years, a financial analyst working for a stockbroker and a bank I’ve worked across all of New Zealand, Australia, SW Pacific Islands, PNG and for a short time, Indonesia.

During 1999-2002 I was a regional councillor serving on the West Coast Regional Council and in 2016 I stood for election to Environment Canterbury with a plan of action to solve the fresh water management problems of Canterbury.

These days I am working on academic theories of holistic physics, which fit neatly into a centrist, social liberal principles of the UnitedFuture party.”