Kelleigh Sheffield-Cranstoun is UnitedFuture’s candidate for Mana and third on the list.

Kelleigh is 39 years old and a Lead Maternity Care Midwife contracted by Ministry of Health to be responsible for care of low-risk pregnant clients through pregnancy, birth, and the immediate postnatal period. She has 8 years tertiary education including a Bachelor of Arts (Auckland Uni), Bachelor of Midwifery, and post-graduate Diploma of Teaching.

“As a working mother I know that the critical core to any society is the wellbeing of people and their families. I work with women and families from across the income spectrum, from a fascinating diversity of cultures, who are in a variety of life stages. What is most compelling is that everyone, regardless of their background, seeks dignity, fairness, and opportunity. They seek just reward for a hard day’s work, they seek to be valued for their contribution to society, they seek recognition of special circumstances, they seek value in the services that their taxes pay for. Through my work, and my own struggles providing for my family, I bring an ability to listen to people and think about how to best give them opportunities to help them to help themselves. If we can promote the health, happiness and wellbeing of people and their families, the flow on effect to society as a whole is immeasurable.”