ECAN candidate outlines fresh water science-based campaign strategy

I am presently seeking election to Environment Canterbury, principally to put into the public domain of Canterbury New Zealand, also nationally, and globally as a matter of new science, a new way to manage fresh water resources. This will be in unity with the land, so that everyone can live together with every living thing we are inter-dependent on.  This is to apply UnitedFuture’s theme, “future-proofing the environment to ensure a better deal for future generations.”

A graduate of the University of Canterbury 1969, with 40 years experience as a field exploration earth scientist in applied science, a environmental analyst and economic analyst, I have since 2008, at my own expense, been mapping the plains of Mid Canterbury. This is to get a complete understanding of the water resource and all its utility, integral with the land both above and below the surface.

My research seeks to answer the questions : What? How? Why? is causing the change in landuse/landscape and environment?

What sort of landuse/landscape with what environmental, economic and socialogical effects do we want to have to achieve sustainable wellbeing and how can we engineer that to happen? For example, I have discovered differential movement of active faults has buckled and tilted the plains to create underground reservoirs.  The faults provide pathways for water as rivers in flow pass over them.

Storing more flood waters in Lake Coleridge we could put the Selywn (and restore the north branch of the Ashburton river) into permanent flow. Some water seeps underground on faults to replenish aquifers and this is exploited for surface agriculture by bores.

We regain the rivers we’ve lost, scenic, fresh and clean to swim, full of life, fish to catch, reestablishing them as recreational and holiday assets, redeveloping Mid Canterbury’s country towns and settlements as resorts.

I seek to bring into ECAN a new era of collaboration with Lincoln and Canterbury Universities and others. The effect being that Canterbury in New Zealand and these universities with ECAN will become world leaders in natural resource and environment management. This is so important to the maintenance and development of our 100% pure New Zealand fresh and clean image to market the nation to international tourists and the product we produce for export from our natural resources.

To facilitate this, the UnitedFuture Party has just (30 Aug) announced a policy of providing $10 million of contestable funding for environmental research. UnitedFuture also proposes to provide $10 million, 30% up to $5,000, subsiding the introduction of electric vehicles. I support feasibility research of electric commuter rail in Mid Canterbury (Amberley-ChCh-Ashburton) to improve mobility, while reducing both road congestion (SH1) and carbon emissions.

Even if not elected, standing for election to be the only councillor representing the Mid Canterbury constituency (Selwyn and Ashburton Districts) on Environment Canterbury, one of 7 democratically elected alongside 6 government appointed commissioners, establishes a public presence of the UnitedFuture Party in the politics of the South Island.

This will help the party to achieve one of its key themes of policy, while demonstrating (with improvement) the workability of the RMA in its present form, focused on the environment while achieving sustainable economic, social and cultural wellbeing, as Hon Peter Dunn has been defending in parliament.

This may prelude my intention to stand for the UnitedFuture Party in the Kaikoura Electorate in the national elections next year. As I have done a substantial amount of field research as described in Mid Canterbury  I am now shifting my attention to doing similar field research in North Canterbury where farmers have been suffering in severe drought for 3 years now. Along with all of Marlborough (including the sounds and Picton where I presently live) with environment issues to work on too, the Kaikoura Electorate extends south to the Ashley River, to include most of North Canterbury, ECAN covering all of Canterbury.

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