Conservation Levy

Our conservation estate is the best in the world.  We want to keep it that way by introducing a small levy at the border for people coming here from overseas.  That way we can get more funding for investing in our conservation estate and make sure it’s not just New Zealand taxpayers footing the bill.

The Levy

We want to make sure our conservation estate is protected

The Cost

We would charge only $25

Paid by tourists

So we need to share the costs between people who live here and people visiting

The Result

We would raise about $75 million extra for conservation

Electric Vehicle Fund

We want to see our transport become more clean and green as well as more affordable for New Zealand families.  We have therefore proposed a fund that helps New Zealander’s to purchase an electric vehicle or for a business to set up an electric charging station.  It’s a small but effective way to cut our carbon emissions and decrease transport costs.

The fund

We would implement a $10 million per year fund on a first come, first serve basis


It could also fund the building of charging stations up and down the country

For Electric Vehicles

To be used to pay for up to 1/3 or $5000 of the costs of an electric vehicle.

Driving us into a greener future

The fund could add thousands of electric cars to NZ households.  Saving them money and cutting our carbon emissions.

Center for Environmental Excellence

We would introduce a $10 million per year contestable fund for the purpose of funding innovative research into New Zealand’s environment.  This will allow researchers and institutions to focus on cutting-edge environmental research that will help us to protect our environment now and into the future.

Fund Research

$10 million per year for environmental research

Protecting our Environment

More research will allow more ideas to emerge and be tested to better secure our environment

Targeting Research

Securing proper resourcing for environmental innovation and research.

For Future Generations

Allowing us to continue to develop fresh ideas now and into the future.

Renewable Energy For Your Home

We want to introduce a $10 million a year fund that will help New Zealand families install micro-generation technology into their homes.  This would primarily be targeted at new builds to encourage building energy efficient homes.  Things like small wind, solar or even hydropower generators are becoming more accessible and more necessary as we transform how we generate energy.

$10 Million

Per year allocated to New Zealand families building or buying their home to install micro-generation into their homes.

Generating a greener environment

This will allow households to generate their own renewable and sustainable energy.

New Builds and Retrofitting

New builds could get up to $10,000 per house and older houses could get up to $5000 to retrofit their property.

Lowering costs

With this energy, households can add to our energy transformation and also save money from generating their own energy.

Modern Marine Reserves

UnitedFuture would introduce a comprehensive scheme to reform our marine reserves.  It is important to ensure that our entire marine environment has environmental protection.  We would introduce a graduated scheme across where the current marine reserves would keep their current protections but we would expand new areas of protection across our waters.  This would include having areas that could prohibit commercial fishing while allowing recreational fishing to occur, balancing the way we regulate and protect all of our waters.

Protect all our Waters

We would introduce a new scheme to protect all of New Zealand’s territorial waters

Expand Protections

And introduce new levels of protection across other areas

Retain current protections

We would retain all current protections that exist in our current marine reserves

Securing our marine environment

Which would allow, for example, certain areas to become recreational fishing only and prohibit commercial fishing.

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