Healthcare System Must Be More Responsive To Mental Health

UnitedFuture leader, Hon Peter Dunne, is calling for additional support to be put in place for mental health in our healthcare system. 

This week is Mental Health Awareness week, it is a week where we should reflect on how our society grapples with the many and complex issues that associated with mental health.

Supporting our healthcare system to meet the needs of those who experience mental health problems is central to the goal of ensuring patient wellbeing in New Zealand.

UnitedFuture is committed to improving the capability of our healthcare system to treat mental health issues by increasing the community support we can provide, highlighting awareness and de-stigmatising mental health problems.

To increase the capability of the New Zealand healthcare system, UnitedFuture has developed five policy areas that require attention and development within our healthcare system:

1.    Increase the number of community-based mental health workers;

2.    Improve workforce development and funding available for youth-focused counselling services as the first line of defence;

3.    Fund research to address mental health issues, especially those that affect our youth;

4.    Increase resources for mental health professionals to ensure that those who are the most vulnerable have their needs properly assessed and treated;

5.    Encourage government agencies to work together on early intervention, prevention, treatment and rehabilitation.

Awareness and support for every New Zealander who grapples with health problems both physical and mental must be touchstones of the healthcare system,” said Mr Dunne.

In mental health awareness week it is more important than ever to continue to recognise the need for families and communities to support each other and for our country to respond to complex problems with all the compassion and support we can. 

UnitedFuture’s policies will enhance that principle.