What are our values?

UnitedFuture has had a great deal of success in influencing Government policy in the recreational hunting space.  The primary gain we have secured is through the successful establishment of the Game Animal Council with the enactment of the Game Animal Council legislation in 2014. This statute was achieved by United Future under Confidence and Supply Agreements with successive Labour and National–led governments.  The Council promoted a sensible management regime recognising the historical, cultural, nutritional and recreational value of big game animals (deer, chamois, tahr and wild pigs), while not neglecting the environmental responsibilities that come with managing such a resource, has been achieved.

What will we do?

Properly Resource the Game Animal Council

We would seek to ensure that the Game Animal Council is properly resourced via a levy on export trophies.  This levy would be set at a fraction of the cost of coming to New Zealand and would provide the Council enough funding to properly influence Government policy around ensuring practical safety measures, common sense prosecutions around illegal hunting and all other areas of hunting policy.


Establish Herds of Special Interest to ensure game animal management

We would use the Game Animal Council to establish herds of special interest.  These herds would gain a management plan that would help to manage the game animals and secure the future of the recreational hunting sector for all New Zealanders



Prohibit heli-hunting, herding or hazing from helicopters except for legitimate animal management operations when numbers warrant it.

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