What are our values?

Why do we care?

Immigration is a process that is truly life changing.

People come to our country to achieve the New Zealand dream.  Work hard, become part of a community and live a prosperous life. Policy around immigration has a unique ability to impact on the livelihoods of people and our community.  That’s why it is so important to have a  measured and balanced discussion about immigration, a discussion that is free from prejudice and stereotypes.

We want to see an immigration policy that allows us to retain our open country to the world as well as protect the livelihoods of our citizens and residents.  Through this policy, we can secure a better future for all of us.

Our Immigration Policy rests on the principles of tolerance and dignity.  We believe that immigration can be harnessed to create positive outcomes for New Zealand society economically, culturally and socially.  We believe that our immigration system must be data-driven, employment focused and embrace family reunification.

UnitedFuture’s immigration policy:

  • Establish a 10 year population strategy
  • Introduce an employment sponsor fast track to residency
  • Strengthen family reunification
  • Provide additional migrant support
What will we do?

10 Year Population Strategy

  • Require the Government to publish a 10 Year Population Strategy
  • Used to identify the impact of demographic changes on our society and economy
  • Channels pre-existing government research into a single area focusing on the impact of immigration
  • Allows us to develop long-term immigration strategy without the need to play short-term politics with the lives and opportunities of immigrant families

Employment Fast-track

  • Fast-track any skilled migrant with an offer of employment (business sponsor).  If they have a sponsor, grant approval.
  • Let employment drive which skilled migrants come into the country
  • Ensure that those with skills are matched with the industries that need them.
  • Encourage employers to actively seek people to fill roles

Family Reunification Fast-track

  • Fast track any migrant who has a majority of their immediate family in New Zealand.
  • The family must sponsor their incoming family member to come into New Zealand.
  • In order to sponsor a parent, child or sibling, you must prove your ability to support them
  • Provide for a mentor from Immigration NZ to ensure that migrants have access to knowledge about community events and employment opportunities.

Better Supports for New Migrants

  • Devise a comprehensive immigrant settlement programme and ensure all immigrants receive full information and ongoing support regarding language, community events, job placement and social services.
  • Develop a global online service that matches skilled migrants with job opportunities within regional New Zealand
  • Establish a one-stop business development agency to help migrants in setting up their own businesses
  • Ensure that advice and information is available to businesses to support them in hiring migrants to fill skill shortages

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