June – Immigration debate sign of a failure to plan

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UnitedFuture voters believe we must embrace the modern, changing face of New Zealand

We acknowledge that New Zealand’s demographic make up is and will continue to change as our population grows. Understanding and welcoming unfamiliar faces, cultural practices, languages and values is essential to our future success as a trading nation and as a stable and vibrant society.

Immigrants should be embraced and welcomed as an asset to our country, rather than feared as something unfamiliar and a drain on our resources. Overwhelmingly they are hard working and appreciative of being given the opportunity to live and raise their families here.

Experience from other parts of the world, such as Europe, show that we need to actively manage the process of integrating incoming citizens. However, the focus should not simply be on integrating the newcomers, but also on educating the existing population. Efforts must be made by people from both groups to build a healthy society that is both diverse and harmonious.

We must also ensure that the pressure population flows create, including from both internal and external sources, is properly managed. Whether it’s New Zealanders returning from overseas, people from regional centres moving to Auckland, or new migrants landing on our shores, investment must be made in the infrastructure required to support these flows. This includes housing, transport, schools etc. Arguably, if the current population inflows had been adequately planned for we would not be having an immigration debate. The focus of this debate should therefore be on why we failed to adequately plan for this situation and how to do better in future, not that we must now wind the clock back because of this poor planning.

Healthy debate on the pros and cons of immigration (indeed of any topic) is a good thing, but we must ensure it is not influenced by irrational, unsubstantiated fear, and also that it takes us forward, not backward, as a nation.

UnitedFuture is embracing this diversity as a good thing for our country. We’re also seeking greater diversity of perspectives and experiences on our Board. If you agree and want to be a part of making our vision a reality please get in touch.

Are you interested in joining the UnitedFuture Board? We’re seeking fresh perspectives and new people who are keen to be actively involved. Click here and tell us what you’d bring to the party.

From the Leader’s Pen – Calling for a National Housing Summit

I have always seen UnitedFuture as a party of ideas and practical solutions. While others play politics, our unrelenting focus has been on trying to promote real solutions to the issues of the day, in line with our principles, and always looking ahead to the New Zealand of the future.

So it is with the current housing issue. We all know there are particular problems in Auckland, but the provision of adequate housing is an issue right across New Zealand. More…

From the Deputy Leader’s Pen – An effective way to increase our organ donation rates

The Minister of Health has just announced his intention to see renewed efforts put in to increasing our organ donation rates in NZ. His media release suggests that the Ministry of Health plans to…

raise awareness by standardising the way hospitals identify potential donors and how donation is discussed with families.

And suggests that…

we could better support the hospital team is to improve the driver licence system so medical staff are informed if someone has indicated they would like to become a donor.

I am sceptical! More…

From the Presidents’s Pen – Diversity is more than just a buzz word

Diversity is more than just a buzz word, it’s an opportunity and a challenge.

For some it’s met with fear and hatred. It’s hard to ignore the news from the United States of unspeakable horrors of the Orlando murders or the absurd legislation around which bathrooms people can or cannot use. More…

From the Auckland Branch – Council election meeting

The next Auckland Branch meeting will be held on July 3rd, between 1.30 pm and 3.30 pm, at 25 Hampton Drive, St Heliers.

The objective will be to agree a provisional list of candidates for the Auckland Council election and to discuss the proposition to hold a series of public meetings based on our key messages for the election:

  • The Housing Crisis
  • Public Transport
  • Rates Reform
  • Traffic Management

It is around these subjects that the future of Auckland is centred and we hope that holding genuinely open meetings to discuss how they be resolved will contribute greatly to the debate.  We look forward to seeing you there.

The Auckland team was shocked to hear of the death of one of its most loyal members. Ken Smith, former candidate and more recently the expert on billboard construction, passed away shortly after the most recent Branch meeting. His expertise and commitment will be sorely missed by UnitedFuture but more importantly our thoughts go out to his wife Maureen at this sad time.

The next Auckland Branch meeting will be held on July 3rd, between 1.30 pm and 3.30 pm, at 25 Hampton Drive, St Heliers. Click here to confirm your attendance.

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