What are our values?

Homosexual law reform came into effect on 8 August 1986 but there is more that can be done, UnitedFuture stands strongly by these guiding principles.

  • Embrace diversity as a positive
  • Freedom for self-determination
  • Oppose all forms of discrimination
  • Believe that government must take an active role in leading by example
  • Equal access to healthcare, justice and education.
What will we do?

Young people

  • Ensure schools adapt better guidelines outlining how they will ensure safe and inclusive environments for all students with resourcing to help schools set up support groups and provide information to students.
  • Ensure school and youth counselors have training and information regarding LGBTQIA+ issues.
  • Ensure support is available for community support groups for the voluntary and community-based services they provide for young people including suicide support services and supervision.

Healthcare and wellness

  • Ensure health providers have appropriate plans, practice standards and funding to responsiveness to the health needs of rainbow communities.
  • Ensure trans and gender diverse people’s access to gender affirming health services based on an informed consent model of healthcare. Where not available in New Zealand, provide sufficient funding to enable timely access.
  • Review regulations surrounding blood donations to ensure that these are based on evidence.
  • Support efforts to end the spread of HIV through protection, testing, and early treatment, while providing support for those living with HIV. Fund NZ Aids Foundation to lead efforts. This includes funding PreP completely.

Gender diversity

  • Amend section 21 of the Human Rights Act 1993 to explicitly include gender identity, gender expression and sex characteristics as specific prohibited groups for grounds of discrimination and ensure that this is put into practice.
  • Enable those with intersex conditions and trans and other gender diverse adults to change the sex details on any official documentation to male, female or X based solely on the individual self-identification (children and young people under the age of 18 require support of their legal guardian/parent, taking into account the evolving capacities and best interests of the child).

Justice and fairness

  • Monitor, review and update the Department of Correction’s Transgender Prisoner policy to reflect international best practice about placement, care and management of trans prisoners to ensure their right to safety, and access to health services and rehabilitation on an equal basis as others.

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