Make your voice heard in your local community – participate in your council election

This year is election year for regional councils, local councils, DHBs, local boards, and licensing trusts. Getting involved in local body politics in your community is a great way to give back and make a difference!

UnitedFuture is contesting local body elections, and we encourage YOU, who share UnitedFuture’s values to make your voice heard, get involved, or even run for office.

Local bodies providing us with infrastructure, amenities, and stability is exactly what lies at the heart of our communities functioning; making important decisions daily, which may impact business and families in each and every one of our communities.

Is local body for YOU?

Considering running for local government this year? You need to look no further than the community you live in, and it’s as easy as a conversation with your next door neighbours. All you require are two people to nominate you to stand for election and you must be a New Zealand citizen, enrolled on the parliamentary electoral roll.  It’s really as easy as that!

Positions for election is year:

  • Mayor
  • Regional councillors (where applicable)
  • Local councillors
  • District Health Boards
  • Local and Community Boards (where applicable)
  • Licensing trusts (where applicable)

If you think this is you, take a look at  Local Government New Zealand who have compiled a handy how-to guide on becoming a candidate for this year’s election, available here.

How to enrol

To vote and receive your voting pack, you must be enrolled to vote at the correct address. If you have moved address since you last completed an enrolment, click here to update your enrolment details now.

Local elections use the same electoral roll as the general election, so if you are already correctly enrolled for parliamentary elections, you do not need to enrol again.

IMPORTANT: If you are not enrolled or you need to update your details, you must be correctly enrolled by 12 August to receive a postal ballot.

If you are not correctly enrolled by that date, you will only be able to vote in person at your council office during the 3 week voting period.

How to vote

Unlike parliamentary elections, local elections in New Zealand are run by postal ballot. Voting documents will be delivered between 16 and 21 September, and must be received by the returning officer by election day, 8 October.

To ensure your ballot is delivered on time by New Zealand Post, make sure it is posted at least a week before (1 October). If you’re running late, you can deliver your ballot in person to your local council office right up to 8 October, but ballots received after election day will not be counted.

Different councils can operate different types of electoral system, from ‘First Past the Post’ to ‘Single Transferable Voting’. How to complete your ballot will be explained clearly in your voting pack.

Key Dates

Here are the key dates you need to be aware of:


If you want to stand or are considering doing so, drop us a line or send us a message on:


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