What are our values?

We want to introduce a $10 million a year fund that will help New Zealand families install micro-generation technology into their homes.

This would primarily be targeted at new builds to encourage building energy efficient homes. Things like small wind, solar or even hydropower generators are becoming more accessible and more necessary as we transform how we generate energy.

What will we do?
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Household microgeneration grant:

Generating a cleaner environment allow households to generate their own renewable and sustainable energy. Households can add to our energy transformation and also save money by generating their own energy.

  • $10 Million per year allocated to New Zealand families building or buying their home to install micro-generation;
  • New builds could get up to $10,000 per house;
  • Existing houses could get up to $5,000 per house.
What we've done?
Photo by Andreas Gücklhorn on Unsplash

Funding for solar power:  

  • Secured a doubling of EECA funding for homeowners to take up solar energy in their homes and to encourage other home energy efficiency improvements (2004 Budget).

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