October Newsletter – local elections + returning hope & trust to politics

Hope and trust. Two words not many New Zealanders would associate with politics today.

More likely cynicism and apathy. This was nowhere more evident than in the record low voter turnout for the recent local elections (although UnitedFuture aligned candidates still polled around 25,000 votes). And there would perhaps be some even less flattering words associated with politicians themselves.

This month United Future’s Deputy Leader Judy Turner writes about how Jonathan Sacks’ 2000 book “The Politics of Hope” helped to underpin our party’s principles and guide the thinking of our MPs in the early part of this century. Sacks argues that as a society we need to move beyond a form of politics that is driven by personal and private interest, instead emphasising personal involvement in things best described as the common-good. Sacks described this as politics of hope.

Since its founding in 2000 UnitedFuture has always sought to put the interests of New Zealanders above our own. This is most clearly demonstrated by our commitment to delivering a better deal for future generations, the central plank that underpins all our policy solutions. The implication is that today’s generation must be prepared to change to ensure the wellbeing of the next.

We’re starting to think about the 2017 election. Are you interested in standing as a candidate, or helping get out the UnitedFuture vote? If so, click here to send us an email.

From the Leader’s Pen – A busy month – with plenty of results to show for it

Congratulations to all the UnitedFuture and UnitedFuture aligned candidates who contested the recent local body elections. Overall, we polled about 25,000 votes, which is extremely encouraging. Special mention must go to former MP and deputy leader, Judy Turner, who, as Deputy Mayor, topped the poll for the Whakatane District Council and Lee Carter who was elected to the South Wairarapa District Council. At Parliament, UnitedFuture continues to play a vital role, supporting the Government when it pursues good policies and holding it to account when it does not. More…

From the Deputy Leader’s Pen – The Politics of Hope

Around 2002, when I first was elected to Parliament with Hon Peter Dunne, a book came to the attention of our caucus, called The Politics of Hope by Jonathon Sacks. It was a book that captured our thinking and helped clarify the principles that underpin United Future. I remember Peter Dunne recommending it to people interested in our party saying that it was the United Future 101 text book. More… Are you interested in joining the UnitedFuture Board? We’re seeking fresh perspectives and new people who are keen to be actively involved. Click here and tell us what you’d bring to the party.

From the Presidents pen – local elections raise profile for UnitedFuture

Local elections are over and for the first time we ran candidates under the UnitedFuture banner. On average our candidates gained 3% of the vote (in one case as high as 5%), which shows there is support for UnitedFuture and our candidates. A party vote at this level during the general election means three or four MPs! More…

2016 AGM Report & Auckland Campaign Update (belated)

This year for the first time the Party AGM was held on the North Shore in Auckland in the Northcote electorate of Damian Light. Members & new supporters from all over NZ gathered to hear the Party Leader give his leader’s address. More…

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