United Future considers freshwater is fundamental to the Kiwi way of life. Our rights to swim, fish, gather food and enjoy all of our rivers and lakes in their natural state are essential. These waters belong to the people of New Zealand. However, if left unchecked, increasing agriculture intensification, private ownership schemes, insensitive land practices, and increasing urbanization will pollute and dewater our rivers, streams, and lakes to a point whereby they will degrade to being no more than toxic drains.

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We would introduce a comprehensive royalties regime on freshwater like we have with oil and gas.
We would introduce new funding for freshwater cleanups and specific funding to didymo eradication
We would introduce a clear national policy on water exports, clarifying its need to be protected for all New Zealanders.
We would secure more support for recreational fisheries by locking in more access to waterways for recreational fishing.

Pest Control

New Zealand has been attempting to eradicate selected mammals by poisoning with 1080 for over sixty years. But we can do so much more to ensure better community involvement, the protection of local fur and trap industries, better management of our game animals.  Vast amounts of research have been undertaken to measure its effectiveness but the target species (rats, stoats and possums) are still here, perhaps in greater numbers than ever. 

We are proposing a comprehensive system to ensure that alternatives can exist and research can continue to ensure that New Zealand continues to have the best options available to protect our outdoors. 

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We would introduce a commission to test pest control alternatives against current methods.
Introduction of a $10 million/year environmental research fund
We want to expand resourcing and support for community-based pest control initiatives.
Supporting NZ families to engage in urban pest control.

Outdoor Access

UnitedFuture believes that all New Zealanders have a birth right to enjoy our unique, diverse landscape. Our strong outdoor heritage is central to what it means to be a Kiwi.

UnitedFuture, while welcoming the establishment of the Walking Access Commission, does not consider the Commission has sufficient legislative authority to protect the right of access to public land. It needs more teeth.  

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We would give the Walking Access Commission more powers
Establish a fund to compensate private landowners for any wear and tear issues from public access.
Fund establishing more specific access corridors to expand access to our outdoors
Maintain and strengthen the New Zealand Outdoor Access Code to help protect property rights.

Recreational Hunting

UnitedFuture has had a great deal of success in influencing Government policy in the recreational hunting space.  The primary gain we have secured is through the successful establishment of the Game Animal Council with the enactment of the Game Animal Council legislation in 2014.   The Council promotes a sensible management regime recognising the historical, cultural, nutritional and recreational value of big game animals (deer, chamois, tahr and wild pigs), while not neglecting the environmental responsibilities that come with managing such a resource, has been achieved.

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We want to see the Game Animal Council properly resourced.
Better manage heli-hunting and aerial operations around key game herds.
Establish Herds of Special Interest and management plans for them.
Continue to support access and safety for recreational hunters.

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