Healthcare is a critical element of New Zealand society and if we are to provide a fair society that focuses on wellbeing, our healthcare system must be more responsive to certain patients and issues.

United Future Values:

  • UnitedFuture believes that maintaining wellbeing is fundamental to the quality of life of all individuals and families;
  • Health policy should be as focused on prevention as much as cure – UnitedFuture therefore encourages healthy lifestyle choices;
  • Encouraging personal responsibility without impinging access to quality healthcare
  • Access to treatment should happen in a timely manner and include access to all health facilities and services across New Zealand.

Key issues

  • The current public health system struggles to keep up with the demands being placed on it and will continue to do so, particularly with the increase in New Zealand’s aging population. At the same time, there is underutilised capacity in the private surgical sector;
  • The cost of health care continues to rise at a rate of about twice that of inflation. The aging population increases the demands on the health system and the decreases the proportion of taxpayers;
  • Particular ethnic groups have major health issues affecting their quality of life and lifespans;
  • Planning for our medical workforce is not undertaken in a sustainable manner;
  • New Zealand has increasing rates of obesity and its related problems such as diabetes, the full force of which is yet to hit home;
  • Alcohol, tobacco and drug abuse are significant contributors to poor health outcomes in NZ and we have a high incidence of sexually transmitted infections;
  • There are part charges for primary health care but not for secondary care;
  • The high cost of illness is felt at every level, personally, in families, in lost productivity, in communities and in government expenditure.