The health of our future generations is a critical concern for any any healthcare system and United Future is committed to improving the healthcare provision for child and youth health in New Zealand.

It is United Future Policy to:

  • Target infant health by concentrating on the appropriate support for parents before and after birth and ensuring high-quality extended care and support, including home visits, by lead maternity carers and Plunket;
  • Improve dental services for primary and secondary school-aged children by:
    • increasing the number of dental therapists trained;
    • ensuring DHBs secure sufficient contracts with local dentists for the provision of services to secondary students and additional services to primary age students;
    • continuing the roll-out of Mobile Dental Clinics;
  • Develop and fund programmes focussing on better nutrition, particularly for children and youth;
  • Treat child obesity as a parenting issue and use parent education as the first line of attack to reduce obesity rates;
  • Ensure that evidence-based information about immunisation is widely circulated, including the latest international developments, to promote informed decisions by parents;
  • Supplement the work of Social Workers in Schools with health clinics where appropriate.

Through these policies, we aim to give New Zealand children a vibrant start to life where they have the greatest opportunities to have their health care needs met and responded to.