Entrench the right of privacy into our Bill of Rights
UnitedFuture believes that individuals have a fundamental right to privacy and it should, therefore, be written into our Bill of Rights and given the respect in our society that it needs to effectively protect our private information.    We want to make sure that people’s privacy is not trampled upon unless it is demonstrably justified to do so.  Right now, we do not have that kind of protection in New Zealand.  That’s damaging in a society that is increasingly able to access private facts and information about individuals.

The Bill of Rights in meant to contain the fundamental rights we want to protect for New Zealander’s.  While our law recognises a limited interest in privacy, it is not afforded the importance it should have.  Privacy should be seen as important as the freedom of expression and the right to be free from unreasonable search seizure.  By doing that we can ensure that the right of privacy is treated seriously by Government’s and courts.

What impact will that have?
Firstly, this will put us in step with many other countries.  The United Kingdom, European Union, Canada and the United States all recognise a strong right to privacy.  That’s because information about an individual should be seen as controlled by them.  By intruding upon that right, we intrude upon the autonomy of individuals and their ability to feel safe and secure.

Does this have a negative impact?
No.  The Government will still be able to demand information that it needs for the purposes of policing and the like.  The right will operate like every other right in our Bill of Rights.