United Future Values:

For our families and communities to thrive, our economy must be strong and flexible.

We believe the economy must work to make sure that everyone has the opportunity to build their own lifestyles, the way they want to.  Through a strong economy we can empower our communities and make life easier for everyday New Zealand families.

United Future therefore supports the following principles towards our economy:

  • A broad-based low rate tax system;
  • Free and fair trade, providing opportunity for New Zealanders to benefit while preserving our unique comparative advantages;
  • Focusing on low inflation to keep the cost of living down;
  • Support recurring regulatory responsibility reviews, making our public service efficient and productive;
  • Improve transport infrastructure, giving priority to areas where ports, roading and rail investment constraints are holding back economic growth and development.

We believe that these principles lead us to policies that both strengthen the New Zealand economy as well as giving New Zealanders the best opportunities to succeed.

Key Policies:

Income Sharing


United Future’s Achievements in Government: 

Business taxes were cut to 30 cents from 2008;

All charitable donations were made tax deductible, and a payroll giving scheme was introduced;

Successfully proposed the independent annual review of Air New Zealand Ltd by the Finance & Expenditure Committee;

Successfully lobbied the government to reduce the costs passed on to exporters resulting from tighter border security legislation;

Ensured clearance for the export of manuka and kanuka manufactured products, such as fuel for smoking and barbecuing meat;

Ensured that building societies and credit unions are able to use banking trademarks;

Increased the efficiency and reduced the waste of the board structure of TVNZ by recommending that TVNZ be a stand-alone Crown company.