Red – EVO I

Red is the colour we use to describe Mars – and Mars is known in Mythology as the ‘god of war’. Interestingly, red is also the colour we use to describe the colour of blood. Some say that red is the colour we use to describe anger. Red is the colour we use to describe the colour of fire. In fashion, red is said to be a strong colour to wear, it also means drawing attention to oneself. Red in politics has always been associated with left-wing ideologies that seek revolution – from the French Revolution to any socialist party in democratic nations. Red is the main colour for China, who once was a communist nation until recently. There are country flags that use red, white and blue which to me signifies a genuine attempt to bring balance, between left (red), right (blue) and centre (white). In political-speak, can we balance our rhetoric away from red, white and blue (especially in this case, where white would mean someone is sitting on the fence)? I am inclined to say yes.

UnitedFuture’s colour is purple, because it is a colour not traditionally connected to any major ideology. Therefore, as candidates, we have chosen balance, suggesting that we seriously engage flexibility, fairness and choice. Other parties seem bent on ramming stifling, ideological dogma, but they are slowly dying a cruel death in modern politics. The message is – we need a new kind of protection that runs like this “improving citizens’ sense of security as global citizens of New Zealand”. That is what I believe in, that is what I know is on your hearts too. That to me is the ultimate bottom line. UnitedFuture is a political party that questions everything, asking how best to bring balance through flexibility, fairness and choice. I would also add, as we move further into the 21st century, we are actually moving away from the stale options of voting. Why is this? It is because we are rapidly being exposed to a globalized world that seems to be rushing to nowhere; it is because New Zealanders are now global citizens.

I have coined an acronym, EVO – Evolutionary Voting Option. This means ‘a process of change in a certain direction’, ‘unfolding’ (Merriam-Webster dictionary). In other words, what kind of New Zealand do you want us to ‘evolve into’? This means we all have the choice to change the direction of our political landscape, if we want more stability, certainty, surety. That means balance not ideology. That means evolving a new politics. It is a choice that we are able to make, simply by asking who will benefit in the end. Can we evolve a new politics? Yes. UnitedFuture has this concept at the heart of its mandate, as it seeks to serve its electorates’ constituents. The word evolutionary for me also means ‘revolutionary’ in that we can try something else, as to push towards a new frontier.

As an Independent Foreign Policy Analyst, and UnitedFuture Candidate for Hamilton East, I see a merging of domestic risks with the global ones. Everything influences everything. Red, white and blue might not suit us anymore than Chicken Pox. Nevertheless, white can also mean truce, and a bringing out in the open, balance. Do you want that? I do.

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