What are our values?

We want to make sure that New Zealand it doing it’s part to help out the refugees of the world, currently, we’re not doing that. We’re going to immediately bring in enough refugees so that we are adequately addressing the growing refugee crisis, to make sure that we are doing out part as a member of the international community. We want to bring more community groups such as churches and local boards into the solution too, already these groups have expressed the desire to help in theĀ placement, resettlement, employment, educational and health, language and housing of refugees and we’ve seen that approach work well in places like Canda, we think it’s time we started going that here. By involving communities we not only make it easier for the government, so we can accommodate more refugees, but also bring those refugees into our communities so that can make the best of their life in New Zealand, wherever they have come from.

What will we do?

Immediately double the refugee quota to address the growing refugee crisis that the world is facing and to make sure we do our part.


Gradually more towards a more community-based approach like the one used in Canda, involving local groups, councils, and churches to work together on placement, resettlement, employment, educational and health, language and housing issues, to ensure that the refugees who come here are able to settle quickly in our country.


Dynamically shape our refugee quota over time to reflect those groups, more than 20 local authorities, as well as the major Churches, and various ethnic and community agencies, have expressed a willingness to play a role in resettling refugees. We want to see them involved in New Zealand’sĀ refugee program and helping to shape the quota.

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