September Newsletter – AGM headlines, local elections & policy announcements

UnitedFuture’s 2016 AGM embraces localism and announces innovative new policies, in line with our vision and key themes for the 2017 election.

This year’s AGM coincided with the lead up to local elections, with the party standing candidates across Auckland, as well as for Environment Canterbury.

Localism has been a consistent message from UnitedFuture, we strongly support the rights of local communities to decide local issues. And the government seems to agree, when it suits. Thorny issues such as fluoride and alcohol policy they seem quite happy for local DHBs and councils to manage. However, when it comes to managing local assets such as water and transport, they want the right to impose corporate structures and central government control. We oppose this centralisation and advocate for local communities to get a better deal when it comes to making decisions on their local services.

UnitedFuture also has a candidate standing for Environment Canterbury (ECAN). John Foster is a highly-experienced scientist with a vision for holistic water and land management practice that will reinvigorate Canterbury’s ailing water resources, for both recreational, environmental and commercial benefit.

Be sure to read the leader’s speech at this year’s AGM, as well as the brief summary report. You’ll find out more about our strategy for Auckland and the policies underpinning UnitedFuture’s aim to achieve a better deal for future generations, focusing on three areas: future-proofing our environment, building a fair economy and embracing modern New Zealand.

Leader’s Speech to the 2016 AGM

It is good to be here at this year’s Annual General Meeting and there are a number of things I want to talk about this morning which are about issues that are contemporary, but also about issues that are important to UnitedFuture. They have an Auckland flavour because we are here in Auckland, but they are issues that apply nationally. And they are issues that we are starting to develop our positions on and starting to go out and advocate for, because they touch on matters that impact pretty much the life of every New Zealander. More…

From the Deputy Leader’s Pen – When smaller is better

I recently attended the annual Local Government Conference in Dunedin. A speaker that caught my attention was Jason Krupp who is a Research Fellow at The New Zealand Initiative, who has an extensive background in business journalism both here and abroad.

Jason has given considerable thought to what the ideal size and structure of local government should be in New Zealand, if we indeed want to lift the pace of economic growth and national productivity here in Aotearoa. More…

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UnitedFuture ECAN candidate outlines fresh water science-based election strategy

Storing more flood waters in Lake Coleridge we could put the Selywn (and restore the north branch of the Ashburton river) into permanent flow. Some water seeps underground on faults to replenish aquifers and this is exploited for surface agriculture by bores.

We regain the rivers we’ve lost, scenic, fresh and clean to swim, full of life, fish to catch, reestablishing them as recreational and holiday assets, redeveloping Mid Canterbury’s country towns and settlements as resorts.

I seek to bring into ECAN a new era of collaboration with Lincoln and Canterbury Universities and others. The effect being that Canterbury in New Zealand and these universities with ECAN will become world leaders in natural resource and environment management. More…

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Report from the 2016 AGM – Gearing up to contest local election

This year for the first time the Party AGM was held on the North Shore in Auckland, in the Northcote electorate of Damian Light. Members & new supporters from all over NZ gathered to hear party leader Peter Dunne give his leader’s address. Then during his President’s address, retiring President Damian Light confirmed the key points on which we are standing in the local elections. “Auckland needs a clear vision for the future”, says United-Future President Damian Light, “which is why UnitedFuture is campaigning on four key issues: More…

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