Super Gold Card needs to be catapulted into the future – Dunne

UnitedFuture Leader, Peter Dunne, has announced this weekend UnitedFuture’s plan for upgrading the Super Gold Card so it better meets the needs of those who use it.

The policy, called ‘Super-Me” was announced at UnitedFuture’s Annual General Meeting this weekend and blends elements of the Government’s Real-Me services with the currently existing Super Gold Card.

The policy argues for transforming the Super Gold Card into a more comprehensive card that can be used as a nationally identified form of identification, nationally recognised public transport card, and health information card.

“The needs of modern New Zealand are different today to what they were a decade ago,” said Mr Dunne.

“We need a nationally recognised card that works effectively for the citizens who use it.

“That means that we need a Super Gold Card that can be used as a recognised form of identification that can be used to gain access to public transport without needing to purchase other cards, and, ideally, can be used to centralise important information like healthcare information.

“We can already see such schemes working effectively in countries like Estonia, where similar cards are used to store information that allows individuals more empowerment over their information and makes it easier to share it with their local healthcare providers.

“The needs of New Zealander’s are changing, and Government policy needs to change with it.  The idea of Super-Me allows the Gold card to go through a much-needed upgrade which will deliver better services to those who use it and empower them to have more control over their information.