The Future

There are just three conditions to make up one’s mind in an election season, what will it give to my family? How realistic is it, to think we will get extra to that? And finally, how much will it cost my household budget?

In 2008, we had an international financial meltdown that directly affected us in a small way, and then the Christchurch earthquake tested us as to how we would cope to become resilient.

We proved our point to resist defeat against odds.

But then, that is who we are, a country that wants a future – will not settle for anything less.

First, we should start by asking; who are we? What are we now? Where do we as 21st century global citizens want to be after the year 2035, say?

Thinking long-term means we get beyond the three-year election cycle.

I have discovered that as a nation, we are changing rapidly. We are changing from a culturally imbedded and an economically embedded socialist society.

Do not misquote me here; I have loved the socialist ideal we have had, it built my country. But due the globalization of just about everything, we are heading towards a new way of being New Zealanders.

I chose to represent UnitedFuture because of the Liberal Democrat position of trying to balance stupidity with reality. We need this more than ever.

UnitedFuture seeks flexibility in policy making, to ensure that there is fairness and you are given more choice from that. No more, no less.

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