UnitedFuture Leader Peter Dunne Disappointed by Miserly Refugee Quota Increase

UnitedFuture leader, Peter Dunne, says today’s increase in the annual refugee quota is miserly.

“Through no fault of their own millions of people have been cast into an appalling state of crisis.

”While any increase in the annual quota will benefit those who are suffering, New Zealand could have done much better than increasing the quota by a mere 250 people a year,” said Mr Dunne.

Consequently, Mr Dunne is now calling for refugee policy to become less dependent on a Government mandated quota.

We need to be involving Local Councils, community groups and the business sector, in the refugee quota, which should be reviewed far more frequently than is the case at present .”

UnitedFuture has strongly supported at least doubling the refugee quota and thinks there needs  more flexibility in how the quota is applied in light of the global crisis.

“Our policy towards refugees should be tailored to the community spirit.

“We should be working with these groups who are offering support in order to find ways to more effectively deliver to refugees, but also to support the costs of the wrap-around services we promise to them.” Mr Dunne said.

Mr Dunne  says raising the refugee quota is a strong statement New Zealand can make about playing its part in the international community and fighting intolerance.

“Sadly, today’s decision is too timid, and will leave New Zealand looking miserly and insular in terms of its approach to the refugee question, ” he said.

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