UnitedFuture Welcomes Overdue Reforms to Tackle Family Violence – Dunne    

UnitedFuture leader, Peter Dunne has welcomed the changes proposed today to strengthen New Zealand’s Family Violence laws.

“Our families are the bedrock of our communities and the rates of family violence we have in this country are appalling.

“These changes signal a much-needed shift in the way we respond to family violence,” said Mr Dunne.

The reforms announced today seek to establish an overhaul of our current family violence regime to provide an environment where it will become easier for victims of violence to gain protection

orders, creates new offences for family violence related crimes and provides for additional out-of-court help for those who require it.

“The key issue that needs to be focused on in New Zealand is the alarming fact that it is estimated nearly 80% of family violence incidents go unreported.

“That indicates a worrying failure in the justice and welfare systems as we currently have, something I am encouraged these reforms will start to change.

“If these reforms make any difference towards providing help to those people who currently do not feel safe or are not comfortable coming forward with their plight, then these policy initiatives will result in positive and meaningful reform.

“UnitedFuture congratulates the government for constructively responding to this unacceptable behaviour that is a blight to our families and communities”, said Mr Dunne.