United Future is a liberal-centrist party.  We believe in economically responsible and socially compassionate policies aimed at creating the environment in which future generations of New Zealanders will have the opportunity to thrive, no matter who they are or where they come from.

The underlying principles of United Future focus on making New Zealand the best place in the world to live, work and raise a family.  We want to ensure access to our outdoors, to high-quality health care, education, employment opportunities, safe, empowered & tolerant communities and a strong economy, so we can all enjoy the New Zealand way of life.

If you want to know more we have prepared a bit more information about who we are and what we stand for!

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A Better Deal For Our Environment

Our outstanding natural environment must be preserved so that our way of life can continue to be enjoyed by future generations of New Zealanders.
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A Better Deal For Our Communities

Our communities are the foundation of New Zealand, we want to help them grow and give them the support they need to flourish.
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A Better Deal From Our Economy

We want to make sure that everyone in New Zealand has access to opportunities, from high-quality housing and education, to fit for purpose superannuation.
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We’re a centrist party

Being a centrist party means that we do not believe that the dichotomy of being ‘left wing’ or ‘right wing’ is helpful in a modern community.  Both sides have a contribution to make to making our country one where every person has the opportunity to thrive.

United Future exists to build and safeguard a fair, free and open society that values our communities, families and individuals.  What that means is that we advocate for and support policy that is economically responsible and socially liberal, to put it generally.

We believe the economy must be strong in order to give the greatest dividends to the most people.  Our taxation system needs to clear in order to ensure fair distribution as well as limited burdens.  Importantly, our public services must be efficient in order to give tax-payers the best value for their tax dollars.

On the social side, we believe our society must be free, fair and open.  Matters of birth, sexuality, gender and culture should be welcome within New Zealand and we will strive to see a country that gives the same opportunities to thrive to all.

We’re an internationalist party

We are all bound by our shared humanity and United Future therefore believes that our country should act as a good international citizen. That means we should strengthen our efforts towards realising international human rights, work towards free (and fair) trade agreements and collaborate on issues that affect our global community.

We champion the realisation of universal human rights, providing dignity and freedom to all peoples.  We will defend the right to speak, write, worship, associate and vote freely, and we will protect the right of citizens to enjoy privacy in their own lives and homes.

We’re a future orientated party

We believe that each generation must take care of the planet for this and future generations.  Moreover, we believe that policy should be directed towards making sure our families and children can get the best start in life and experience the full opportunities our country has to offer.

We’re an evidence based party

We believe that ideology can only take us so far.  Policies of the day need to be driven by evidence and experience.

Experience in government

UnitedFuture has a strong record of working constructively with both major parties to achieve our aims.  The party has been in government since 2002, partnering with Labour from 2002 to 2008 and National from the 2008 election to the present day. Our support has ensured New Zealand has experienced stable, centrist government that has not needed to rely on support from parties on the extremes of politics.

The party’s presence in Parliament at one time comprised as many as 8 MPs, however in recent years it has been reduced to a single MP, party leader Peter Dunne.  With the support of New Zealanders who believe in the principles and policies of UnitedFuture we can continue to achieve our aims.

Major achievements

  • Delivering tax cuts and tax simplification in partnership with the National-led Government
  • Improving the management of wild game by creating the Game Animal Council whilst in government with Labour
  • Improving access to medicines for over 240,000 New Zealanders through the National Medicines Strategy
  • Prioritising the needs of families by creating a Families Commission and funding anti-domestic violence programmes
  • Stalling unnecessary changes to the Resource Management Act
  • Modernising the legislation that governs our fire and emergency services