1. Our Environment & Outdoors

  • Enforce strict clean water standards for our rivers, streams and lakes
  • Protect our inshore fisheries for recreational use
  • Increase energy efficiency through the installation of micro generation for households and encourage the use of hybrid vehicles


2. Our Community & Families

  • Introduce a funding model for local infrastructure and council & community services that’s fairer than the current rates system
  • Reduce the tax burden on couples with children by introducing income¬†sharing
  • Introduce Family Support Co-ordinators to help struggling families


3. Our Future

  • Remove the burden of student debt from our young people by introducing free tertiary education, with funding targeted towards the skills needed by¬†a modern, high value economy
  • Ensure NZ Super is affordable for future generations by introducing flexible superannuation and increasing incentives to invest in Kiwisaver
  • Introduce investment and incentives to create an economy with high value job opportunities for our young people entering the workforce