What are our values?

Mental health ranks as one of New Zealand’s major health issues. While there have been many innovations and improvements over the years, we still have some intractable and serious problems we must get on top of.

We must ensure that our young people can thrive in an increasingly complex world. Technology is changing how we live and interact with each other, and has the potential to either improve or worsen the situation for our youth.

What will we do?
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Provide support where and when it’s required:

Ensure that support is available when and where it’s required

  • Increase the number of community based metal health workers;
  • Increase resources for mental health professionals;
  • Improve workforce development and funding available for youth-focused counselling serves as the first line of defence.
  • Ensure support is available for community support groups for the voluntary and community-based services they provide for young people including suicide support services and supervision.

Keep pace with a changing world:

Our world is changing fast and our healthcare must move with it;

  • Fund research to address mental health issues, especially those that affect our youth;
  • Ensure professionals are trained to understand and deal with new technologies
  • Explore use of new technologies (such as social media and phone apps) to provide support to youth in a method that they’re comfortable with (take the support to them).

Reduce burdens on our youth:

Our youth are facing more burdens and stresses than before, addressing these causes is critical;

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